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Irish Voice Editorial: Arrest Bishop John Magee for Cloyne cover-up

August 24, 2011

The following editorial was published in the Irish Voice today:

The spectacle of Bishop John Magee abjectly apologizing this week for his utter failure to curb pedophile priests in his Cork diocese makes the blood run cold.

Magee bolted out of the country when the Cloyne Report was made public.  It was a devastating document, detailing in great precision the horrific cover-up.

Magee has now admitted his actions, which came after the flood of sexual abuse stories had been made public in Ireland.

In other words, Magee is culpable for placing children in harm’s way, and he has now admitted this.  The next step should be to arrest the bishop.

If he was a school principal who knowingly ignored sexual abuse of pupils he undoubtedly would be apprehended.

If he was the head of a brothel which knowingly trafficked in underage children he would be arrested.  If he was the head of a sect of child abusers and knowingly covered up their activities he would be put away.

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